How does Stampit work?

The user chooses a particular file, and optionally additional custom notes can be added to the file. The file is processed in the user’s browser, and is transformed into a digital imprint that gets posted to our Smart Contract. This way, the Stamp is permanently recorded on the Blockchain and linked to a particular point in time. This Stamp can then be easily, quickly and costlessly verified by anyone without relying on any centralized service or authority.

Will Stampit have any access to my documents?

No, Stampit will not have access to your documents. They are not uploaded anywhere and they are processed only locally by your browser. Furthermore, it is not possible in any way to extract the file content from its derived digital imprint.

How can I use my Blockchain timestamp in the future?

The user keeps the original file together with Blockchain Stamping Certificate. The details contained in this Certificate may be used in the future to locate the Stamp record in the ledger and prove the existence, issuance, ownership and integrity of the original file at a certain point in time.

If I use the Stampit for a personal document, will I be able to prove authorship?

Blockchain stamping can certify the existence of an electronic documents at a particular point in time. When a user stamps a document, the user can prove that such document existed, and it was under its possession at that moment.

Therefore, if the Stamped document is original, non-stolen and non-copied, and if no other previous previous proof or public records may be found, then the user has a very strong argument to claim authorship of the content.

How would a Blockchain Timestamping stand in a Court of Law?

As the Blockchain technology concept is relatively new, there is not yet a common and clear jurisdiction on how Blockchain Certification would stand in a Court of Law.

Despite that, any experienced IT/Computer science expert witness could testify to confirm the Blockchain Timestamping and certify any Blockchain Stamp proof against Court.

How long does a Blockchain Stamping take?

The Stamping process of a document takes about 10s.

Can Stampit be customized to fit specific business needs?

Yes, your Stampit Dashboard is merely a general-use interface for individuals and small-size Corporations. However, our API can be easily integrated with tailored made solutions that meet your Corporate unique needs.